Poker Star Air Invasion - LEGO Hero Factory Invasion, Farm Invasion USA, Zombie Invasion T Virus, Soldiers of Glory WW2 Free, guns n glory
Air Invasion
Air Invasion is all about becoming a hero in you homeland USA. In this game you are one of the brave and courageous soldiers that stand guard to protect in farm bourdaries of USA not from the scary sombie but from German soldiers whose main goal is the invasion of the freeland USA.

How is Air Invasion played? It's not as hard as assembling a complicated Lego puzzle but you're going to need a lot of thinking and strategy. Since, you are going to be one of the sharp shooter soldiers, you will be standing near the fence of the farm fence where your headquarter is located. Each time a jet plane passess, be on the look out because that's where the enemy drops the soldiers for warfare. Everytime, the enemy's plane drop the soldiers, be quick and fast enough to tap it. Tapping the soldiers on parachute will eliminate them.

Air Invasion Game Features:
- Amazing, vibrant graphics to enjoy the game.
- Real WW2 environment to get into the feel of the game.
- Strong and realistic WW2 sound effects to pump you up in the action of the game.
- The fun of this game is as contagious as the T-virus, so go and share this with your friends!

Air Invasion gives you the glory of being the hero of your precious homeland USA. So, download now, soldier.
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