Poker Star Bird Attack - dragon world, dragon slayer, dinosaur war, dinosaur hunter, caveman prehistoric
Bird Attack
Bird Attack is a game like no other! Travel through the prehistoric time and feel the perilous adventure of people and dragons in the stone age period. In this game you are one angry, vigilant, slayer riding a huge dinosaur bird, the Pterodactyl, killing and hunting the dragon
Your goal is to shoot the incoming dinosaurs and aggressive dragons that attack your world while collecting the precious rocks. This is one dinosaur war that you should conquer or else your village and your school will be destroyed. Make sure you are stealth and fast and have no room for your clumsy ways or else your bird is dead.
This prehistoric game may sound simple to play but with its fast - paced speed and challenging obstacles, you are up for a hard play.
It's time to put excitement to the new level! Download Bird Attack now!
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