Poker Star Flappy Turtle - Flappy bird , clumsy bird, floppy bird pro, Flap Bird Forever, Fappy Bird
Flappy Turtle
Disappointed Flappy Bird's gone? Don't worry be happy if the bird disappeared, we got you covered! Flappy Turtle is here and its conquering the console! See the turtle swim and dodge the obstacles with your help, of course!
Tap to direct the adorable turtle from bumping into the bricks. With the smooth interface and cool underwater graphics, reaching record breaking score is easy as 123.
- Adorable clumsy turtle character to play with.
- Vivid HD 3D graphics to enjoy the environment of this flappy game!
- Clear, blue underwater theme
- Brings the excitement of finger ‘tap’ controls
- One wrong 'tap' and your flappy turtle game is over.
- Try to acquire 4 medals : Bronze, Silver, Gold (hard), Platinum (very hard).
- The smooth interface of this flappy games allows you to play like a pro
- The flight of this turtle is very similar to the famous flappy bird game.
Background Story:
The background story of this game is very simple. This adorably happy but clumsy turtle named Fappy loves to play under the sea. Fappy the sea Turtle have the knack to wander around and discover new places! But with too much excitement he lost track of time and got lost! So you need to help this sea creature go back to his home. Guide him to avoid the bricks and obstacles that could hurt him. Remember, turtles may be slow and draggy on land, but under the sea, they may be without wings but they are swift and quick when swimming, therefore, you have to take charge and direct this young Fappy very well so he could go home to his mommy.

So do a good deed today and download Flappy Turtle!
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