Poker Star Ninja Attack - Ninja Revenge, Clumsy ninja, Fruit Ninja Free, Ninja Run, Stupid Ninjas
Ninja Attack
No more clumsy and stupid ninjas to put up with. Ninja Attack is here to give you real ninja awesome game!

Ninja Attack is all about strategy and fast coordination. So how exactly is this game played? All you have to do is to avoid the huge rocks from rolling over the ninja in training! These huge rocks are on top of the lever, be wise enough which lever to tap first so it won't hit out ninja or else it would be squashed like a fruit.

Ninja Attack Game Feature:

- Artistic Asian theme to enjoy the game.
- Crisp, vibrant HD color get into the ninja moves!
- Smooth playing interface for easy high score!
- Upbeat background music to keep the adrenaline pumping!
- See who is the best ninja in training but sharing the game thru this game's online sharing interface!

Background Story:

Frustrated and angry for always being called stupid and clumsy, our steadfast ninja promised to do all the training to make sure he will become the master of ninjas. He created an obstacle course that will hone his ninja skills and give his revenge to those who mock him. Give our ninja the revenge he crave for and help hi with his ninja attack training!
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