Poker Star Quarterback Run - NFL Quarterback 13, Gametime Football With Mike Vick, NFL Kicker 13, Panda Quarterback, Agent Dash
Quarterback Run
Its gametime with Quarterback Run and this sure is a kicker of a good time. In this game, become a NFL quarterback. Run like an agent on a dash and avoid the obstacles. When you want to become the best football player like Mike Vick, then you have to train and do handwork like Mike Vick. So how do Mike Vick train? By running hard and fast to develop endurance and world class NFL kicking!

Playing Quarterback Run is super easy, its black and white like a panda! Just tilt your device so that the running quarterback can avoid the obstacles along the way. However, not everything along the way is a hindrance. There are power-ups and bonuses that can help the quarterback run more that 13 miles and more! In every stage there is number on how much distance you need to finish so you can unlock the next stage. So are you up for the challenge?

Features of Quarterback Run:
Intuitive controls swipe to avoid the obstacles, jump and slide your way past hazards
Gorgeous Amazing graphics vivid visuals that rush by at great speeds
Top of the line audio upbeat music that get you pumping!
Gadgets and power-up galore body shrinkbeds, jetpacks, magnets, coins and more
Breathtaking excitement and much, much more
Great Deal - its free!

Never miss this excitement! Download this game now and play with friends through its online sharing interface!
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