Poker Star Rescue Patrol - Rescue Team, Helicopter Rescue 3D, Great Heroes ambulance heli, helicopter game, 3d helicopter
Rescue Patrol
Rescue Patrol is all about a game of heroism. This 3D helicopter rescue game requires speed, agility and focus. As a part of the rescue team you should always be on the look out for incoming people to rescue.

Features of Rescue Patrol:
Intuitive controls finger swipe to drive the speed boat for rescue
Stunning graphics clear visuals to rescue the drowning victims
Amazing clear audio the sound effects enhances the drama of the situation
Adrenaline rush game and excitement and much, much more
Great Deal - Lots fun for FREE!

The background of this story is simple. You are a part of a rescue team and your role is the driver of the speed boat that rescues people whose village was drowned in the flood, and most of them driven by the current to the deep river down south. Your main goal is to rescue the incoming people in the lifesaver. Once your boat is full, you need to unload your passengers when the helicopter arrives. You are only required 3 chances of missing the floating victims or else the game is over.
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