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Sudoka Mobile
Sudoka or Sudoku Mobile is all about having the convenience of playing Sudoku anytime, anywhere.
When you are hooked with this game, then this app is perfect for you!
For those who are neophytes in Soduko, here is how you play the game:
The goal of the game is to place 1 to 9 into each grid cell so that each number can only appear once in each row, each column and each mini-grid. It's just a simple principle of counting, so don't get intimidated with the loads of numbers in your face.
* 4 levels: easy, medium, hard and extreme
* Hints to help you complete hard ones
* Auto-save
* Smooth interface to help you concentrate with this popular logic game!
* Sudoka Mobile does not require ultra permissions, it only requires internet connection and wake lock permissions, you can verify this with a trusted Anti Malware, in other words, our game is SAFE to download and enjoy!
Remember, the placement of the numbers define the difficulty of the puzzle. If you are a beginner in Sudoku game, choose easy, in no time you will become a master of this fun game!
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