Poker Star Unicorns Fall - Falling Fred, Happy Fall, Frozen Free Fall, Frozen Free Fall, Robot Unicorn Attack 2
Unicorns Fall
Unicorns are happy wonderful creatures. They have magical capabilities, it is said that when you drink the blood of a unicorn, you will have the gift of immortal youth. This is the reason why these unicorns are being hunted every time they fall from the sky. These happy unicorns are endangered, because there is one person who dedicated his life in trapping this unicorn falling from the sky, and his name is Fred.

Fred created a trap that can capture the unicorns falling from the sky.

The unicornds are helpless with the trap Fred created for the falling unicorn. You are need to rescue the unicorn and let them escape and run!

To free the falling unicorn from Fred, tap the falling unicorn so they can get away!

Fred is very serious in catching this falling unicorns, so be fast and quick!

Feature of Unicorns Fall:

- Wonderful and colorful graphics to enjoy the game!
- Smooth playing interface to easily reach the highest score.
- The finger tap control gives excitement!
- Free! (for now) so download fast!
- Easy share thru this game's online sharing interface!

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